Our Consultants

Sophie Acott

Sophie Acott is the Founder of Sleep Play Love – who’s mission is to help parents all over the world reclaim much-needed sleep, rest and joy to their parenting experience. She is a mother of four children, a homebirth enthusiast, and a conscious parenting advocate.


Sophie’s honest, empathetic, and relatable approach has attained her much praise among clients, who have described her as; a “miracle worker,” “the real-life baby whisperer,” and “a life-saver.”


Sophie ignited her passion for sleep work when her second child hit the infamous “four-month sleep regression.” Having experienced first-hand the toll that lack of sleep can have on health, emotional well-being, relationships, and the entire family unit, Sophie is committed to supporting other families to overcome their own unique parenting and sleep challenges – restoring vibrancy, happiness, and harmony to the family unit.


As a certified Life Coach and Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, motivating and inspiring others is Sophie’s life passion. Having trained with Hand in Hand Parenting, she adopts the Parenting by Connection approach personally and professionally; living and breathing this philosophy with her own children, and empowering other parents to success through a deeper understanding of the synonymous relationship between the parent-child connection, and sleep and behavioral challenges.


Sophie has written for Nurture Magazine, mentors students and graduates of the International Maternity and Parenting Institute (IMPI), and has made an appearance on International parenting podcasts; Mum’s the Word, Birth Kweens, and Life inspiration and transformation with Mar.  After three years in the making, her new book “Sleep Play Love” is now available on Amazon here.


Shae Cox

Shae Cox is a mother of three young children, who she describes as “her world”. “Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, but also the most rewarding. Watching my children grow and develop into beautiful little individuals, all with their own hopes and dreams is the most rewarding and gratifying job I have ever done”.


 Often dubbed “the baby whisperer by family, friends, and colleagues, she is known well for her ability to settle the most unsettled babies, and relax and rebalance a child who is having the “mother of all tantrums!”


 Shae’s initial interest in sleep developed over 15 years ago at university where she studied psychology. It was there that she first learned about the differences in sleep patterns and cycles from newborns to the elderly, and the effect of sleep deprivation on a person’s health and wellbeing. This passion – coupled with her prior experience in helping expectant and postnatal mothers’ as a Pre-and-Post-Natal Exercise and Nutrition Specialist, and a qualified Pilates instructor – led Shae to become a certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant.


Shae is down-to-earth and takes a compassionate, empathetic and understanding approach throughout both her personal and professional relationships.“One of Shae’s greatest strengths is her ability to tell people the things they need to hear in a non-judgemental and inspiring way. Never one to shy away from challenging and encouraging others – combined with her extensive knowledge and education – makes her an excellent consultant”.


With a core focus on emotional wellbeing and nurturing the parent-child connection, Shae understands that there is no singular approach when targeting sleep routines. A skilled listener, Shae holds the utmost consideration for your family’s unique needs and circumstances. She will work with you to personalise a plan specific to your lifestyle, family environment, parenting style and goals; equipping you with the essential foundations for sustainable and healthy long-term sleep patterns


 “The ability to teach a child to sleep, and then see the ongoing benefits for the whole family gives me a stronger passion to continue to do what I love every day!”