The Happy Baby Sleep Guide: e-book for newborn to three years


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If you are after a comprehensive (DIY) e-book with simple, easy to implement tips and routines designed to help your child sleep better – this is perfect.


Suitable for newborns to 3 years:

  • The 7 Steps to Happy Baby Sleep
  • Results tested age appropriate routines and schedules
  • Age specific recommendations
  • Environmental recommendations
  • Feeding guidelines
  • Sleep training
  • Weaning advice
  • Common sleep issues and solutions
  • Managing sleep during transition periods
  • BONUS copy of the Happy Baby Sleep Bedding Guide

Among other useful tips and resources for newborn to three years of age.
The Happy Baby Sleep Guide is available to download instantly by clicking on the link provided in the automated Happy Baby Sleep confirmation email.




“Major improvements! Your guide has been amazing! I’m so glad I found you! – Karlie and Parker


“THANK YOU so much for your book, after being confused about baby sleep and reading books that seemed to contradict themselves I was really grateful to have stumbled across yours. As new mum who struggled with the idea of CIO but also didn’t want to have my babies sleep in my bed. I found your book to be the nicest balance between routine, teaching them to sleep well but loving them and appreciating their developmental age. Thanks again” – Bella and Zepha


“Loved it! The book offers a realistic view on baby sleep with practical methods and gentle approach.” – Quel and Stella


“Excellent! Really accessible info, great philosophy and I love all the links to further info!” – Renee (mum-to-be)


“No one was ever able to provide such sound advice as to what is in your guide, and at such an affordable price. So thank you. I’ve got my happy little man back” – Leila & River


“So easy to follow and read… essential for a sleep deprived mummy!” – Bianca and Dusty


“Having you as our guide has very much removed my fear/anxiety with the cot naps. I feel like we are making progress, and will continue to do so, which is great” – Emily and Alexandra


“You’re amazing – total baby whisperer! “ – Kate and George


“Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate it so much. In the last week you have made not only Ivy a better baby, but eased my mind in any areas I was concerned about” – Alyce and Ivy


“We wanted to thank you for all your advice. Sonny is in a better routine and settles much quicker for sleeps during the day. We have a much happier little man (and mumma). The routines were great and any time we had a question it was answered in the information provided. Thank you for all your advice and support” – Lauren and Sonny


“I can’t thank you enough for all your help and advice. This guide is going to be my bible over the next 18 months! I will be recommending you to others”– Emma and Josh