(Australian) Daylight Savings – Moving the clocks back to standard time – 2018

It’ s almost that time of year… the clocks move back – and the days get shorter, cooler and darker.

Here are a few pointers to help prepare you and your family for moving the clocks from Daylight Savings (AEDT) back to Standard Time (AEST):

General Tips:

  • Keep your regular day and night routine
  • Maintain positive sleep associations
  • Remember consistency is key
  • Avoid any other unnecessary transitions over this time – eg. moving your child into a big kid bed or night weaning


Below is a step by step guide to transitioning your baby/toddler into the new time (Sunday April 1st 2018). My recommendation is moving bedtime, nap times, and meal times 15 mins later over a few days. You also have the option of doing this more gradually (i.e. 10 mins later per day over 6 days), or cold turkey; however, the latter can be more disruptive for children and babies who are less adaptable.

Date Transition Steps DLS Time STD Time
Wednesday (28th March) Move bedtime later by 15 min 7:15pm 6:15pm
Thursday (29th March) Wake your baby up 15 min later in morning
Move bedtime later by 30 min
Friday (30th March) Wake your baby up 30 min later in morning
Move bedtime later by 45 min
Saturday (31st March) Wake your baby up 45 min later
Move bedtime later by one hour
Sunday (1st April) Regular waking time 8:00am (doesn’t apply) 7:00am


  • The above assumes a 7:00am to 7:00pm schedule. If your child is on a 7:30pm or 8:00pm to 7:30am or 8:00am schedule before this transition, the above steps need not apply.
  • You will also need to move meal and nap times later each day by 15 minutes (starting on Wednesday 28th March)
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