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Liberty, Early Childhood Educator

Sophie has done something I desperately needed; she’s made easily understandable some -incredibly effective practices and philosophies in a down-to-earth, practical way. Her recommendations are drawn from scientific research (which for me is a requirement for any good parenting resource) and a deep background in on-the-ground experience effectively supporting parents. Sleep Play Love resonated with my own research, as well as intuition, and I’m bolstered knowing I’ve got the concepts and practices in this book in my parenting toolkit.

Allison, parent

I turned to this book amidst my son’s four-month sleep regression. What I loved most about this book was how real, relatable (and digestible) all of the information is. It really helped me to understand normal baby development, and at the same time, providing simple, yet kind and effective strategies to use at four months and beyond. I will continue to refer to this book as my boy gets older and we face different challenges with sleep and behavior.

Erika, parent

The Sleep Play Love Book presents a countless number of invaluable parenting tools that I use to connect with my children on a daily basis-deepening our bond. Sophie’s loving approach to parenting resonates with my heart more than any other I have learned and I appreciate the knowledge I have gained so much I almost considered having another child just so I could put it into practice at the newborn and infant stages!

Samantha, parent

This book was a game changer in the way I engage with my children. Although my daughter and son have always been good sleepers, Sophie’s knowledge in parenting by connection has given me insight as to why my children can sometimes act out for “no reason” when there is indeed, always a reason! The deeper understanding that this book provides fosters a more meaningful, more connected relationship with my little ones. Thank you.

Angela, Parent

A beautiful book that acknowledges that all babies (and parents) are different. Sophie offers common sense parenting ideas that encourage parents to tune-in to their children’s emotional needs. Both of my babies have benefitted from Sophie’s intelligent, intuitive, and nurturing approach. Sleep Play Love is my go-to for all things babies, toddlers and beyond.