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Bee, Peter, and Eliza

Our little darling Eliza always required our ‘help’ to fall asleep from the very early days. Rocking her to sleep became the norm and we found ourselves still doing so at 19 months old. I was happy to do it when she was little but was she was getting older, heavier and taking up to 45 minutes to fall asleep; it was wearing me down – physically and mentally! We had no idea how to go about changing her bedtime routine and I wasn’t wanting to leave her to cry. After a consultation with Sophie and introducing gentle techniques to move away from rocking I am so happy and grateful to say that within a week she was able to settle herself to sleep peacefully in her cot. I will admit I was sceptical, but we are just amazed and want to thank you so much Sophie. You kept me calm and gave me confidence I never thought I had to make this positive change. Thank you x

Rachel, Enzo, and Joseph

I was recommended to contact Sophie by a friend who had had lots of help with her daughter from her. I was desperate. My beautiful boy, Joseph who was so happy during the day was waking, a lot. He had never been a good sleeper and had always taken a long time to settle. At 5 months he caught a cold and he went completely downhill with his sleep, waking after every sleep cycle. I was exhausted and quite anxious and depressed. My son was doing ok with his sleep, but I certainly wasn’t. Sophie got me to fill out her detailed questionnaire which gave her an understanding of where we were at. We then Skyped and she gave me some suggestions and explanations. My goal was for me to get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row. Within 3 weeks we had certainly achieved that with my little boy sleeping through the night! Sophie gave me the tools I needed to help my son. She gave me the knowledge that I could problem solve when things changed (as they always tend to do with babies, just as you start to relax a little). What she taught me continues to help me now that my son is almost 11 months old. He is still not the easiest to get to sleep when he is overstimulated or going through a developmental stage but I know the reasons why and that things will settle back down once things return to normal. Thank you so much Sophie, Joseph and I can’t thank you enough. xxx

Noemi and Noah

I called Sleep Play Love practically in tears after an attempt at a sleeping school – which in our case made everything worse! Noah was impossible: catnapping his way through each day (only 10-15 minutes at a time) and getting worse! Sleep school made him resent sleep time even more; I would walk into his room and he would start crying hysterically, which bought me to tears also. I was at the end of what I could take, and was prepared to do anything, except letting my darling cry it out… Which is what drew me to Sophie even more, being on the same page of beliefs made me feel really secure about the outcomes and how I would achieve this with Noah… So, we started Noah’s sleep program, and LO AND BEHOLD on day 2 yes yes on DAY 2 he slept a 2 hr nap and I had to go WAKE HIM!!! I was stunned, such simple tricks but oh so valuable! But most of all Sophie gave me back my confidence into mothering my little man. Then there was teething… and then we had to take an unexpected trip overseas for family reasons, just as Noah was settling into his new sleep routine…but nevertheless Sophie provided us support through opposite hemispheres, time zones and countries. This was the height of any service I have ever received, to be flexible in such a way to help one mother across the world to have a happy sleeping baby – that is absolute dedication to the success of her clients! Noah is now 10 months (!!!) and is still a great sleeper (when he isn’t teething of course…) Thank you for giving me my sanity back and returning my little Noah to his happy self!

Nick, Emily and Alexandra

Thank you Sophie, for your guidance & support and for instilling the confidence in us to help Alexandra transition to self settling. A month ago, we were feeding/rocking/patting our 14 month old daughter to sleep for short day sleeps/naps. She regularly woke (every half hour) at the end of each sleep cycle, for the first three hours after she went down at night. We weren’t sure we would ever be able to help our little girl learn to sleep properly.
We have now completely eliminated ‘comfort’ feeds, with Alexandra able to settle herself in her cot for all day sleeps and her night sleep. She happily goes into her cot and no longer associates Mummy with sleeping. We cannot believe the turn around! As a result, she is happier, more alert and developmentally thriving! Thank you for the calm you have reintroduced to our family!

Erin and Charlie

Thank you so much Soph, it has been wonderful to have someone so understanding to help us and answer any questions. You have helped us get into an easier nap time and sleep time routine where falling asleep without help from me is the norm for Charlie!!! We have been loving the extra hours sleep at night and our whole family has benefited ( mainly from me finally getting some solid sleep ) grumpy/ emotional mum has left the building!! I think that I feel more confident since we started, it’s been nice to have some reassurance and encouragement and I no longer dread nap/sleep time because I know it’s not going to take a whole hour of my day listening to Charlie cry and fuss until he finally falls asleep! Thanks so much

Laura, James, and Scarlett

When we contacted you with our 4.5 month old, she was waking every two hours at the best of times, and sometimes gave me nights where it was 45 minutes only. I was a walking zombie and Scarlett didn’t seem to be her happy self.
Our process of trial and error and your constant support helped us when we had to wean the dummy, as it was one of her key sleep associations that was no longer working. She would chew it, spit it out and then search for it … crying.
With your help, we transitioned her out of the swaddle with dummy, to unswaddled, no dummy, and a trusty comforter.
As a result we have gradually moved to a 6.30pm bedtime, with only 2 feeds overnight!

Thanks for your support!

Lauren, Kurt, and Sonny

We wanted to thank you for all your advice. Sonny is in a better routine and settles much quicker for sleeps during the day. We have a much happier little man (and mumma). The plans were great and any time we had a question it was answered in the information you sent through. Thanks again, we really appreciate the realistic advice and support.

Monique and Sunny

A big thank you to Sophie from Sleep Play Love for your excellent advice and daily support. Sunny went from daily cat naps and waking 2-4 times a night to two solid day sleeps and sleeping through the night… in only two weeks and with very little crying! You had so many tips and strategies I wouldn’t have thought of myself – but best of all was having the daily support to problem solve together and give me confidence that we were doing the right thing. And love that you can consult via Skype and email… so much easier than going to appointments. Thank you!

Prue, Brett, and Jasper

Thank you Soph!

We came to you delirious, in a fog of exhaustion…And a month later we are a new household! My little Jasper is full of beans – all of the time. Getting him to settle was a marathon of pats, rocking, cuddles, and laps of the house. That was just for the day time naps! At night I would see the clock tick past every hour with 10 – 15 min naps here and there until the wee hours when exhaustion finally took over till 7 and then it started all over again. My goals were not to have him sleeping through the night I would have been thrilled just for a few hours solid between feeds. I asked for a routine. And routine we got! Thank you for helping me see the wood from the trees. I would love to say it was magical and easy but with a baby, as full of beans as this little guy it took patience and consistency. To top it off we’ve had teething to boot, leaky nappies, mastitis (for the third time), self-weaning, establishing bottle feeds and now a head cold….But you know what, he is sleeping through the night ( that’s 7 pm to 7 am!!!) and doing 2 x 1.5-2hr naps during the day with little to no help settling!! He is as happy as Larry and I have my sanity back.
Thank you for the support and encouragement. I was worried you might have met your match! xxx

Camille, Jonathon and Eloise

We contacted Sophie when Eloise was 3.5 months. Eloise had suddenly regressed from being a good little sleeper, to waking every hour. She was a cranky baby. All her day naps were spent on the breast. We couldn’t put her down and I was getting very tired. Sophie quickly saw that Eloise needed a routine, so our first step was to implement one. The second step was to get her to take naps in her own cot. It didn’t take long for her to get used to falling asleep in the cot. With Sophie’s gentle techniques, we went from a baby who would scream as soon as her head hit the mattress to a baby who is confident enough to fall asleep by herself with minimum help. Sophie was there throughout the program, available to share advice and encouragement at a moment’s notice. She knew how to keep us on track to get the result we wanted. We are so happy with what we have been able to achieve and feel much more rested! Thank you Sophie!