Bee, Peter, and Eliza

Our little darling Eliza always required our ‘help’ to fall asleep from the very early days. Rocking her to sleep became the norm and we found ourselves still doing so at 19 months old. I was happy to do it when she was little but was she was getting older, heavier and taking up to 45 minutes to fall asleep; it was wearing me down – physically and mentally! We had no idea how to go about changing her bedtime routine and I wasn’t wanting to leave her to cry. After a consultation with Sophie and introducing gentle techniques to move away from rocking I am so happy and grateful to say that within a week she was able to settle herself to sleep peacefully in her cot. I will admit I was sceptical, but we are just amazed and want to thank you so much Sophie. You kept me calm and gave me confidence I never thought I had to make this positive change. Thank you x

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