Bianca, Troy, and Maggie

We were desperate for help. I was spending hours (literally) bouncing my 4 month old baby girl on the fitball to get her to sleep, and even after all that she was having 80% of her day time sleeps in my arms. We could get her to sleep in her bed at night through sheer force of will, but it took an hour or two of crying, bouncing and us almost losing our minds. We knew we needed a routine, consistency, and to put her to bed awake but sleepy, but our timing was so far out that she was too overtired for those things to happen. After just 3 or 4 days working with Sophie, we began to see some dramatic improvements in our ability to help our baby sleep. Naps were no longer in my arms, and they were longer than 30 minutes. Bed time gradually became less of a struggle. Over the course of the month we had some set backs, but because we had unlimited access to Sophie during these period we were able to work through them. We are now in a situation that I could not fathom previously; we have a baby who settles herself to sleep!! Usually nap time and bedtime go like this; we put her in her sleep suit, sing a couple of songs, put her in bed and walk out. There are still times when we have to comfort her in her cot but this is now the exception, not the rule. We now have a happy baby who is not constantly tired, and a happy mummy who can enjoy motherhood. Thank you Sophie xo

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