Camille, Troy, and Evie

We contacted Sophie after battling through 15 months of sleep deprivation with our high needs, breastfed (darling) daughter. We were run down, miserable and absolutely dreading/hating developmental leaps. It took a lot for me to have trust in a sleep consultant as almost all the professionals I had heard of or spoken to implemented some form of controlled crying. Through her very comprehensive questionnaire and phone consultation, Sophie was able to suggest very small and gentle changes to our routine that have resulted in a child that has slept through the night, on more than one occasion, for the first time in 15 months. What impressed us the most was the level of support offered to us. I was expecting to have to contact Sophie when we had questions or issues, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive call after call supporting and reassuring us. There were tears and tantrums (just from me alone) and Sophie managed each and every day with a good dose of humour… and sometimes a positive reality check. We can’t thank you enough for saving our sanity!

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