Cecilia, Lee and Annika

We decided to call Sophie upon a friend’s recommendation as we were getting hardly any sleep. To put it simply, we had developed a habit of bringing our daughter into bed with us and I would end up giving her a feed every time she stirred. I thought to myself, ‘If I just give her a quick feed, she’ll fall asleep again.’ Well, that didn’t work! The one thing that did work was Sophie!

I found it very confusing to read about different sleep training approaches on the Internet. Sophie on the other hand provided us with the strategies and support needed to get through the toughest days of our sleep training. Within a week, our baby was sleeping earlier and having better naps throughout the day. Then we hit a speed bump and our baby started cutting new teeth. That was the wonderful thing about Sophie’s service. We had Sophie’s support for a whole month, which allowed us to get back on track after our baby’s teething stopped.

I never thought Annika would sleep 12 hours at night and have two 1.5 hour naps each day. Sophie once told me that I’d be laughing at Christmas time. She was right! One day I had told her she was magical, and in my eyes, I think I was right! My baby sleeps now!!! Thanks Sophie

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