Dallas and Zoe

My daughter was 9 months old and still slept like a newborn. My husband and I were desperate for help to teach her how to become a good sleeper, for the wellbeing of our whole family.
Sophie gave us a plan to implement that was kind and gentle, and would teach our daughter to link her sleep cycles at night and promote longer naps during the day. We started the plan on a weekend for a nap. It was flawless! She napped for 2 straight hours in her crib with no fight – the first time ever in her life that had happened. I feel like I can function again for the first time since she was born, and I have seen such an improvement in her temperament during the day. She is no longer an overly exhausted baby who fights sleep. The plan was customised for my daughter and family and has been the best thing to happen to us!

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