Henni and James

I would just like to say Shae from Sleep Play Love is amazing. She is my life saver. Prior to engaging with Sleep Play Love, my 10-month-old baby would sleep for no more than three hours each stretch, and often wake five times a night (sometimes more)! As a busy mum of two boys, I was starting to go crazy from severe lack of sleep. In comes Shae, and she literally turned my life around.

A mum of three herself, her approach is gentle and calm. She taught me how to listen out for cries, soft settling approaches as well as overall scheduling and food intake advice. From the moment she worked with us, my baby responded extremely well to his new routine. He started having good naps and long stretches of sleep overnight. After his teeth cut through, he immediately settled and slept through the night. I thought we just got lucky, but the next day, it was the same and this is now the norm. My baby sleeps through the night. I have my life and my sanity back. Thanks so much Shae. I highly recommend the team at Sleep Play Love.

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