Henni, Cam, and Jackson

Our beautiful happy 8 month Jackson was a cat napper and has never slept for longer than 3hrs in 1 stretch. We ended co-sleeping and having very interrupted sleep. We were at our wits end and self educated ourselves with abundant amount of information from the internet. We tried various settling techniques to no success & started controlled crying which was the hardest part of our parenting months. We needed help from someone who shares our parenting philosophy, someone who is compassionate, loving & gentle with her approach to sleep training. Sophie was the answer to our prayers. She came and guided us through various settling techniques, identifying distress vs protesting cry, changes to his sleep environment and a daily routine to follow. Jackson slept through the night for the first time in his life the next day & started having 2-3 naps a day. It was a true miracle! We couldn’t be happier as we now have good night sleep & a perfectly happy baby. Thank you so very much Sophie for your your support and guiding us through this, you really are a miracle worker x

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