Kate and George

I contacted Sophie when my baby George was only 14 weeks as a nervous first time mum obsessing over his sleep. George was a chronic day time catnapper and hard work to get down so I resorted to rocking my bright eyed boy to sleep… and could see a bad habit forming.

From the word go, I loved Sophie’s gentle approach to helping babies (and parents!) get more sleep. I honestly felt like I’d known Sophie for years after our first phone consultation, where she made small adjustments to George’s sleep environment and gave me realistic expectations on self settling. Within a month George’s sleeps started getting longer and he was self settling like a little champion. Like all babies, he still has his off days and when we hit hurdles like teeth or developmental leaps I ride it out and know his sleep will go back to normal in no time… And it does!

A big thanks to the gorgeous Sophie for all her help. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough X

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