Mel, Luke, and Degan

From sleepless nights (waking up 4-5 times a night) and putting my son down upset for his sleep throughout the day; the experience of being a mum wasn’t what I’d imagined. I was exhausted, and felt like the time I had with him wasn’t as fun or enjoyable as it should be because I was tired, he was tired, and I knew it was going to be a struggle to put him to bed each time. I also began to doubt my abilities as a parent and wondered if I really knew what I was doing.. why was he waking so many times?

A friend then suggested I contact Sophie, and within 1 – 2 weeks we had a happy household and a new lease of life! A happy baby sleeping from 7pm – 7am, with three big sleeps in the day! Talking to Sophie was like talking to my closest friend, she was always there, always positive, realistic and continually supportive. I now have so many fun times with my son, and have even gone back to studying as I know I have time to complete requirements with his fantastic sleep routine! A fantastic outcome, and a happy baby makes for a happy family!

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