Nick, Emily and Alexandra

Thank you Sophie, for your guidance & support and for instilling the confidence in us to help Alexandra transition to self settling. A month ago, we were feeding/rocking/patting our 14 month old daughter to sleep for short day sleeps/naps. She regularly woke (every half hour) at the end of each sleep cycle, for the first three hours after she went down at night. We weren’t sure we would ever be able to help our little girl learn to sleep properly.
We have now completely eliminated ‘comfort’ feeds, with Alexandra able to settle herself in her cot for all day sleeps and her night sleep. She happily goes into her cot and no longer associates Mummy with sleeping. We cannot believe the turn around! As a result, she is happier, more alert and developmentally thriving! Thank you for the calm you have reintroduced to our family!

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