Noemi and Noah

I called Sleep Play Love practically in tears after an attempt at a sleeping school – which in our case made everything worse! Noah was impossible: catnapping his way through each day (only 10-15 minutes at a time) and getting worse! Sleep school made him resent sleep time even more; I would walk into his room and he would start crying hysterically, which bought me to tears also. I was at the end of what I could take, and was prepared to do anything, except letting my darling cry it out… Which is what drew me to Sophie even more, being on the same page of beliefs made me feel really secure about the outcomes and how I would achieve this with Noah… So, we started Noah’s sleep program, and LO AND BEHOLD on day 2 yes yes on DAY 2 he slept a 2 hr nap and I had to go WAKE HIM!!! I was stunned, such simple tricks but oh so valuable! But most of all Sophie gave me back my confidence into mothering my little man. Then there was teething… and then we had to take an unexpected trip overseas for family reasons, just as Noah was settling into his new sleep routine…but nevertheless Sophie provided us support through opposite hemispheres, time zones and countries. This was the height of any service I have ever received, to be flexible in such a way to help one mother across the world to have a happy sleeping baby – that is absolute dedication to the success of her clients! Noah is now 10 months (!!!) and is still a great sleeper (when he isn’t teething of course…) Thank you for giving me my sanity back and returning my little Noah to his happy self!

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