Prue, Brett, and Jasper

Thank you Soph!

We came to you delirious, in a fog of exhaustion…And a month later we are a new household! My little Jasper is full of beans – all of the time. Getting him to settle was a marathon of pats, rocking, cuddles, and laps of the house. That was just for the day time naps! At night I would see the clock tick past every hour with 10 – 15 min naps here and there until the wee hours when exhaustion finally took over till 7 and then it started all over again. My goals were not to have him sleeping through the night I would have been thrilled just for a few hours solid between feeds. I asked for a routine. And routine we got! Thank you for helping me see the wood from the trees. I would love to say it was magical and easy but with a baby, as full of beans as this little guy it took patience and consistency. To top it off we’ve had teething to boot, leaky nappies, mastitis (for the third time), self-weaning, establishing bottle feeds and now a head cold….But you know what, he is sleeping through the night ( that’s 7 pm to 7 am!!!) and doing 2 x 1.5-2hr naps during the day with little to no help settling!! He is as happy as Larry and I have my sanity back.
Thank you for the support and encouragement. I was worried you might have met your match! xxx

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