Prue, David, and Ethan

Our son used to be a great little sleeper. After a month-long trip to the UK when he was 4 months old, everything changed. He wasn’t sleeping longer than an hour or two at a time (including overnight), he wasn’t napping during the day and woke frequently during the night. After 5 long months of this we were at our wits end….enter Sophie our saviour! With her routines and recommendations for us, we had results on the second day. He started napping much better during the day, he was eating better, and now a month later we are often getting a full nights sleep! I cannot thank Sophie enough, I have my sanity back I actually have energy during the day, and more importantly – I have a happy baby! Her constant encouragement and support was a godsend for us, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with sleep issues

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