Rachel, Enzo, and Joseph

I was recommended to contact Sophie by a friend who had had lots of help with her daughter from her. I was desperate. My beautiful boy, Joseph who was so happy during the day was waking, a lot. He had never been a good sleeper and had always taken a long time to settle. At 5 months he caught a cold and he went completely downhill with his sleep, waking after every sleep cycle. I was exhausted and quite anxious and depressed. My son was doing ok with his sleep, but I certainly wasn’t. Sophie got me to fill out her detailed questionnaire which gave her an understanding of where we were at. We then Skyped and she gave me some suggestions and explanations. My goal was for me to get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row. Within 3 weeks we had certainly achieved that with my little boy sleeping through the night! Sophie gave me the tools I needed to help my son. She gave me the knowledge that I could problem solve when things changed (as they always tend to do with babies, just as you start to relax a little). What she taught me continues to help me now that my son is almost 11 months old. He is still not the easiest to get to sleep when he is overstimulated or going through a developmental stage but I know the reasons why and that things will settle back down once things return to normal. Thank you so much Sophie, Joseph and I can’t thank you enough. xxx

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