Rachel, Kurt, and Hudson

A huge thank you to Shae! Our nine-month-old son Hudson was waking every 2-3 hours through the night and was a serial catnapper by day! My husband and I knew we needed some help, so we reached out to Shae and I can certainly say she completely turned things around for us. She helped us to “break” all the bad habits we had created to get through the nights (bottles at 2 am, cosleeping, and rocking to sleep). Within a few days I started to see results with Hudson’s sleeping, he was sleeping 1.5-2hrs for day naps and begun sleeping from bedtime till 6 am again!
I cannot recommend Shae enough, she supported us when we were feeling completely defeated, she always complimented me and told me I was doing an amazing job, and whenever I was unsure or had a question she was always a call away!
Thank you for helping us get our sleep back and helping Hudson get through this period 🙂 xxx

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