Sarah, Joel, and Evie

Firstly i want to say a huge thank you to the magic Sophie. Our daughter Evie was 13 months and waking 3-4 times a night (sometimes for an hour or so) just for a cuddle back to sleep. Our little girl was a day cat napper and took 30+ mins to get to sleep in our arms, walking around listening to music! because of her lack of sleep and her being overtired, little miss was a grumpsta…until we called Sophie. Our sleep plan was easy, and from day 1, Evie became a happier little girl who was learning gently to self settle and sleep longer. Sophie was there every single day for any questions or just to check in and helps when Evie has an occasional bad night mostly due to her teeth or a milestone. Our baby is getting so much more sleep and is so much happier. Evie now goes to sleep with little to no walking around in max of 10 mins, goes down to bed at 7pm-6am and has 2 day sleeps of 1.5hrs. We came into this journey understanding that not every night is going to be perfect and we were okay with that. We now have tools and knowledge to be able to settle our baby when she does need it during those tough times.
Thanks so much again Sophie, I have my sanity back (almost) thanks to you!

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