Tracey, Simon, Eddie and Louie

Thank you Sophie for helping us get both of our boys sleeping! Eddie (3.5 yrs) was waking 3-4 times every night, and would think it was playtime at 5-5:30am every morning! He was very over tired, and we saw a lot of ‘naughty’ behavior coming from him as a result. After three weeks, he was sleeping through the night and now wakes between 6-6:30am sometimes even 7am!
You have given us back our happy boy! Louie (6 months) previously only slept in the car for his morning and afternoon naps; but after following Sophie’s techniques, we have our little man sleeping in his cot for morning and afternoon sleep – as well as in the car!! And it only took 1week!!! We are all so thankful for your help

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