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  • May 15, 2021

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  • May 15, 2021

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Bee, Peter, and Eliza

Our little darling Eliza always required our ‘help’ to fall asleep from the very early days. Rocking her to sleep became the norm and we found ourselves still doing so at 19 months old. I was happy to do it when she was little but was she was getting older, heavier and taking up to 45 minutes to fall asleep; it was wearing me down – physically and mentally! We had no idea how to go about changing her bedtime routine and I wasn’t wanting to leave her to cry. After a consultation with Sophie and introducing gentle techniques to move away from rocking I am so happy and grateful to say that within a week she was able to settle herself to sleep peacefully in her cot. I will admit I was sceptical, but we are just amazed and want to thank you so much Sophie. You kept me calm and gave me confidence I never thought I had to make this positive change. Thank you x

Rachel, Enzo, and Joseph

I was recommended to contact Sophie by a friend who had had lots of help with her daughter from her. I was desperate. My beautiful boy, Joseph who was so happy during the day was waking, a lot. He had never been a good sleeper and had always taken a long time to settle. At 5 months he caught a cold and he went completely downhill with his sleep, waking after every sleep cycle. I was exhausted and quite anxious and depressed. My son was doing ok with his sleep, but I certainly wasn’t. Sophie got me to fill out her detailed questionnaire which gave her an understanding of where we were at. We then Skyped and she gave me some suggestions and explanations. My goal was for me to get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row. Within 3 weeks we had certainly achieved that with my little boy sleeping through the night! Sophie gave me the tools I needed to help my son. She gave me the knowledge that I could problem solve when things changed (as they always tend to do with babies, just as you start to relax a little). What she taught me continues to help me now that my son is almost 11 months old. He is still not the easiest to get to sleep when he is overstimulated or going through a developmental stage but I know the reasons why and that things will settle back down once things return to normal. Thank you so much Sophie, Joseph and I can’t thank you enough. xxx

Noemi and Noah

I called Sleep Play Love practically in tears after an attempt at a sleeping school – which in our case made everything worse! Noah was impossible: catnapping his way through each day (only 10-15 minutes at a time) and getting worse! Sleep school made him resent sleep time even more; I would walk into his room and he would start crying hysterically, which bought me to tears also. I was at the end of what I could take, and was prepared to do anything, except letting my darling cry it out… Which is what drew me to Sophie even more, being on the same page of beliefs made me feel really secure about the outcomes and how I would achieve this with Noah… So, we started Noah’s sleep program, and LO AND BEHOLD on day 2 yes yes on DAY 2 he slept a 2 hr nap and I had to go WAKE HIM!!! I was stunned, such simple tricks but oh so valuable! But most of all Sophie gave me back my confidence into mothering my little man. Then there was teething… and then we had to take an unexpected trip overseas for family reasons, just as Noah was settling into his new sleep routine…but nevertheless Sophie provided us support through opposite hemispheres, time zones and countries. This was the height of any service I have ever received, to be flexible in such a way to help one mother across the world to have a happy sleeping baby – that is absolute dedication to the success of her clients! Noah is now 10 months (!!!) and is still a great sleeper (when he isn’t teething of course…) Thank you for giving me my sanity back and returning my little Noah to his happy self!

Nick, Emily and Alexandra

Thank you Sophie, for your guidance & support and for instilling the confidence in us to help Alexandra transition to self settling. A month ago, we were feeding/rocking/patting our 14 month old daughter to sleep for short day sleeps/naps. She regularly woke (every half hour) at the end of each sleep cycle, for the first three hours after she went down at night. We weren’t sure we would ever be able to help our little girl learn to sleep properly.


We have now completely eliminated ‘comfort’ feeds, with Alexandra able to settle herself in her cot for all day sleeps and her night sleep. She happily goes into her cot and no longer associates Mummy with sleeping. We cannot believe the turn around! As a result, she is happier, more alert and developmentally thriving! Thank you for the calm you have reintroduced to our family!

Erin and Charlie

Thank you so much Soph, it has been wonderful to have someone so understanding to help us and answer any questions. You have helped us get into an easier nap time and sleep time routine where falling asleep without help from me is the norm for Charlie!!! We have been loving the extra hours sleep at night and our whole family has benefited ( mainly from me finally getting some solid sleep ) grumpy/ emotional mum has left the building!! I think that I feel more confident since we started, it’s been nice to have some reassurance and encouragement and I no longer dread nap/sleep time because I know it’s not going to take a whole hour of my day listening to Charlie cry and fuss until he finally falls asleep! Thanks so much

Laura, James, and Scarlett

When we contacted you with our 4.5 month old, she was waking every two hours at the best of times, and sometimes gave me nights where it was 45 minutes only. I was a walking zombie and Scarlett didn’t seem to be her happy self.


Our process of trial and error and your constant support helped us when we had to wean the dummy, as it was one of her key sleep associations that was no longer working. She would chew it, spit it out and then search for it … crying.


With your help, we transitioned her out of the swaddle with dummy, to unswaddled, no dummy, and a trusty comforter.


As a result we have gradually moved to a 6.30pm bedtime, with only 2 feeds overnight!


Thanks for your support!

Lauren, Kurt, and Sonny

We wanted to thank you for all your advice. Sonny is in a better routine and settles much quicker for sleeps during the day. We have a much happier little man (and mumma). The plans were great and any time we had a question it was answered in the information you sent through. Thanks again, we really appreciate the realistic advice and support.

Monique and Sunny

A big thank you to Sophie from Sleep Play Love for your excellent advice and daily support. Sunny went from daily cat naps and waking 2-4 times a night to two solid day sleeps and sleeping through the night… in only two weeks and with very little crying! You had so many tips and strategies I wouldn’t have thought of myself – but best of all was having the daily support to problem solve together and give me confidence that we were doing the right thing. And love that you can consult via Skype and email… so much easier than going to appointments. Thank you!

Prue, Brett, and Jasper

Thank you Soph!

We came to you delirious, in a fog of exhaustion…And a month later we are a new household! My little Jasper is full of beans – all of the time. Getting him to settle was a marathon of pats, rocking, cuddles, and laps of the house. That was just for the day time naps! At night I would see the clock tick past every hour with 10 – 15 min naps here and there until the wee hours when exhaustion finally took over till 7 and then it started all over again. My goals were not to have him sleeping through the night I would have been thrilled just for a few hours solid between feeds. I asked for a routine. And routine we got! Thank you for helping me see the wood from the trees. I would love to say it was magical and easy but with a baby, as full of beans as this little guy it took patience and consistency. To top it off we’ve had teething to boot, leaky nappies, mastitis (for the third time), self-weaning, establishing bottle feeds and now a head cold….But you know what, he is sleeping through the night ( that’s 7 pm to 7 am!!!) and doing 2 x 1.5-2hr naps during the day with little to no help settling!! He is as happy as Larry and I have my sanity back.


Thank you for the support and encouragement. I was worried you might have met your match! xxx


Camille, Jonathon and Eloise

We contacted Sophie when Eloise was 3.5 months. Eloise had suddenly regressed from being a good little sleeper, to waking every hour. She was a cranky baby. All her day naps were spent on the breast. We couldn’t put her down and I was getting very tired. Sophie quickly saw that Eloise needed a routine, so our first step was to implement one. The second step was to get her to take naps in her own cot. It didn’t take long for her to get used to falling asleep in the cot. With Sophie’s gentle techniques, we went from a baby who would scream as soon as her head hit the mattress to a baby who is confident enough to fall asleep by herself with minimum help. Sophie was there throughout the program, available to share advice and encouragement at a moment’s notice. She knew how to keep us on track to get the result we wanted. We are so happy with what we have been able to achieve and feel much more rested! Thank you Sophie!

Sarah, Joel, and Evie

Firstly i want to say a huge thank you to the magic Sophie. Our daughter Evie was 13 months and waking 3-4 times a night (sometimes for an hour or so) just for a cuddle back to sleep. Our little girl was a day cat napper and took 30+ mins to get to sleep in our arms, walking around listening to music! because of her lack of sleep and her being overtired, little miss was a grumpsta…until we called Sophie. Our sleep plan was easy, and from day 1, Evie became a happier little girl who was learning gently to self settle and sleep longer. Sophie was there every single day for any questions or just to check in and helps when Evie has an occasional bad night mostly due to her teeth or a milestone. Our baby is getting so much more sleep and is so much happier. Evie now goes to sleep with little to no walking around in max of 10 mins, goes down to bed at 7pm-6am and has 2 day sleeps of 1.5hrs. We came into this journey understanding that not every night is going to be perfect and we were okay with that. We now have tools and knowledge to be able to settle our baby when she does need it during those tough times.


Thanks so much again Sophie, I have my sanity back (almost) thanks to you!

Bianca, Jonathan & Olive

We want to say a huge thank you Sophie for the incredible support you have given us over this last month.

We have gone from a terrible catnapper who needed to be fed, rocked and bounced for hours to settle for naps and bedtime and would wake frequently overnight; to a happy and rested little girl who takes 2 hour naps, settles easily in her cot and only wakes once overnight! This was all achieved gently with love which was very important to us. Simple changes that Sophie implemented regarding routine and environment made such a difference.


I am so much more confident now and enjoying the journey! Best money I have spent in a long time! xoxo

Prue, David, and Ethan

Our son used to be a great little sleeper. After a month-long trip to the UK when he was 4 months old, everything changed. He wasn’t sleeping longer than an hour or two at a time (including overnight), he wasn’t napping during the day and woke frequently during the night. After 5 long months of this we were at our wits end….enter Sophie our saviour! With her routines and recommendations for us, we had results on the second day. He started napping much better during the day, he was eating better, and now a month later we are often getting a full nights sleep! I cannot thank Sophie enough, I have my sanity back I actually have energy during the day, and more importantly – I have a happy baby! Her constant encouragement and support was a godsend for us, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with sleep issues

Tracey, Simon, Eddie and Louie

Thank you Sophie for helping us get both of our boys sleeping! Eddie (3.5 yrs) was waking 3-4 times every night, and would think it was playtime at 5-5:30am every morning! He was very over tired, and we saw a lot of ‘naughty’ behavior coming from him as a result. After three weeks, he was sleeping through the night and now wakes between 6-6:30am sometimes even 7am!

You have given us back our happy boy! Louie (6 months) previously only slept in the car for his morning and afternoon naps; but after following Sophie’s techniques, we have our little man sleeping in his cot for morning and afternoon sleep – as well as in the car!! And it only took 1week!!! We are all so thankful for your help

Laura and Josh

I want to thank you so much for helping out my family. From day one of getting the routine from you for Josh, we saw change. He went from waking every 2 hrs overnight; to a few wakings, and now a month later josh is sleeping through the night & having 1.5 hr day sleeps! This has given me my sanity back, time with my toddler, time with hubby…. and sleep!!!

Having the support each day via texts worked so well for us. Highly recommend your support – I have told many about your service 🙂

Thank you again x


Nicole, Brendon and Scarlett

Dear Sophie, Thank you for everything you have done for us over the last two weeks!!! You have changed our way of life!!! We are so happy with the outcome of your advice. We have a happy baby that sleeps through most of the time, although we have other things to tackle I feel so much more confident that we will be able to over come them – thanks to you.

We highly recommend you to any parents needing advice and support


Isabelle, Craig and Luca

I could not recommend Sophie highly enough. Not only has she personally been there (with sleepless children); but she is caring, supportive, practical and was totally on our level.

Sophie changed various environmental factors that we hadn’t even thought about, which made a huge difference to our catnapping little boy – and I now know that I am giving him the best chance at sleep! Her continual support and encouragement means so much- she knows her stuff that woman!

Cecilia, Lee and Annika

We decided to call Sophie upon a friend’s recommendation as we were getting hardly any sleep. To put it simply, we had developed a habit of bringing our daughter into bed with us and I would end up giving her a feed every time she stirred. I thought to myself, ‘If I just give her a quick feed, she’ll fall asleep again.’ Well, that didn’t work! The one thing that did work was Sophie!


I found it very confusing to read about different sleep training approaches on the Internet. Sophie on the other hand provided us with the strategies and support needed to get through the toughest days of our sleep training. Within a week, our baby was sleeping earlier and having better naps throughout the day. Then we hit a speed bump and our baby started cutting new teeth. That was the wonderful thing about Sophie’s service. We had Sophie’s support for a whole month, which allowed us to get back on track after our baby’s teething stopped.


I never thought Annika would sleep 12 hours at night and have two 1.5 hour naps each day. Sophie once told me that I’d be laughing at Christmas time. She was right! One day I had told her she was magical, and in my eyes, I think I was right! My baby sleeps now!!! Thanks Sophie


Bianca, Troy, and Maggie

We were desperate for help. I was spending hours (literally) bouncing my 4 month old baby girl on the fitball to get her to sleep, and even after all that she was having 80% of her day time sleeps in my arms. We could get her to sleep in her bed at night through sheer force of will, but it took an hour or two of crying, bouncing and us almost losing our minds. We knew we needed a routine, consistency, and to put her to bed awake but sleepy, but our timing was so far out that she was too overtired for those things to happen. After just 3 or 4 days working with Sophie, we began to see some dramatic improvements in our ability to help our baby sleep. Naps were no longer in my arms, and they were longer than 30 minutes. Bed time gradually became less of a struggle. Over the course of the month we had some set backs, but because we had unlimited access to Sophie during these period we were able to work through them. We are now in a situation that I could not fathom previously; we have a baby who settles herself to sleep!! Usually nap time and bedtime go like this; we put her in her sleep suit, sing a couple of songs, put her in bed and walk out. There are still times when we have to comfort her in her cot but this is now the exception, not the rule. We now have a happy baby who is not constantly tired, and a happy mummy who can enjoy motherhood. Thank you Sophie xo

Candace, Tim, and Evie

Me and my husband were pulling our hair out every night trying to put our 13 month old daughter to bed. Controlled crying, tantrums, crying until she threw up, cuddling until she was asleep, part time co sleeping; you name it, we have experienced it!! Until the day we have got a recommendation to Sophie from Sleep Play Love; our life changed completely within TWO DAYS!! She slept through the night for the very first time in her life (and so did we)!! Sophie provided the support and guidance we needed as first time parents when it came to sleep problems. Her methods are so kind and gentle to the little ones which we really loved and agreed with (we are all big softies with our precious little darlings after all, aren’t we?). She is always only a text or phone call away which makes life easy. We cannot be more thankful and will highly recommend her service without any doubt in the future!! Thanks again Sophie and keep in touch

Melissa, Kitch, and Cooper

Sophie has been a pleasure to work with to help me reach my sleep goals with Cooper. Unlike other sleep consultants, she took into account my gentle parenting style and never pushed me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. Sophie was able to guide me using simple little things that I would never have thought of or tried. The biggest improvement has been his day sleeps that have gone from 40 min cat naps to 1.5-2 hours! It has been amazing. Sophie is very supportive and is there to talk at anytime during the month if you have any questions. She always follows up with a text or phone call and gives you ideas if things aren’t quite going to plan. I couldn’t recommend Sleep Play Love enough

Camille, Troy, and Evie

We contacted Sophie after battling through 15 months of sleep deprivation with our high needs, breastfed (darling) daughter. We were run down, miserable and absolutely dreading/hating developmental leaps. It took a lot for me to have trust in a sleep consultant as almost all the professionals I had heard of or spoken to implemented some form of controlled crying. Through her very comprehensive questionnaire and phone consultation, Sophie was able to suggest very small and gentle changes to our routine that have resulted in a child that has slept through the night, on more than one occasion, for the first time in 15 months. What impressed us the most was the level of support offered to us. I was expecting to have to contact Sophie when we had questions or issues, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive call after call supporting and reassuring us. There were tears and tantrums (just from me alone) and Sophie managed each and every day with a good dose of humour… and sometimes a positive reality check. We can’t thank you enough for saving our sanity!

Kersti, Thomas, and Preston

When we decided to enlist the help of a sleep consultant for our 5 month old son we were a little overwhelmed at the change in him. Our precious little boy had transitioned from bassinet to his cot, and gone from being a great sleeper to waking up throughout the night, not taking good naps during the day, and being much fussier than usual. We would resort to putting him in bed with us early some mornings just to get a couple of extra hours of sleep, and as he only catnapped during the day, It felt like all we were doing was putting him to bed!

Within a week of working with Sophie our son was taking three long naps a day and sleeping from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am (in his own bed). Not only did she give us the guidance we needed to achieve sleep, she provided constant, caring and invaluable daily support along the way. The level of communication and planning Sophie provided exceeded any expectation we had of the service we thought we would receive. We would highly recommend Sophie as a sleep consultant to anyone; she is AMAZING and exactly what every tired and confused parent needs in their life!!!


Mel, Luke, and Degan

From sleepless nights (waking up 4-5 times a night) and putting my son down upset for his sleep throughout the day; the experience of being a mum wasn’t what I’d imagined. I was exhausted, and felt like the time I had with him wasn’t as fun or enjoyable as it should be because I was tired, he was tired, and I knew it was going to be a struggle to put him to bed each time. I also began to doubt my abilities as a parent and wondered if I really knew what I was doing.. why was he waking so many times?

A friend then suggested I contact Sophie, and within 1 – 2 weeks we had a happy household and a new lease of life! A happy baby sleeping from 7pm – 7am, with three big sleeps in the day! Talking to Sophie was like talking to my closest friend, she was always there, always positive, realistic and continually supportive. I now have so many fun times with my son, and have even gone back to studying as I know I have time to complete requirements with his fantastic sleep routine! A fantastic outcome, and a happy baby makes for a happy family!


Henni, Cam, and Jackson

Our beautiful happy 8 month Jackson was a cat napper and has never slept for longer than 3hrs in 1 stretch. We ended co-sleeping and having very interrupted sleep. We were at our wits end and self educated ourselves with abundant amount of information from the internet. We tried various settling techniques to no success & started controlled crying which was the hardest part of our parenting months. We needed help from someone who shares our parenting philosophy, someone who is compassionate, loving & gentle with her approach to sleep training. Sophie was the answer to our prayers. She came and guided us through various settling techniques, identifying distress vs protesting cry, changes to his sleep environment and a daily routine to follow. Jackson slept through the night for the first time in his life the next day & started having 2-3 naps a day. It was a true miracle! We couldn’t be happier as we now have good night sleep & a perfectly happy baby. Thank you so very much Sophie for your your support and guiding us through this, you really are a miracle worker x

Olivia and Madison

Just want to say a HUGE thank you to Sophie Acott. She has been fantastic and so helpful with getting my daughter to sleep! I haven’t had any experience with sleep consultants before, but I couldn’t recommend her enough.

It’s amazing how much of a difference it has made just making a few adjustments to Madi’s routine. Before this, I was getting 8-10 hours of broken sleep and maybe an hour during the day. Now I’m getting 11 hours solid of a night and 2-3 + hours during the day. Thank you so much!

Ebony and Gracie

Even as a third time mum with experience behind me, It was great to have a sounding board in Sophie, and not to be judged for my expectations around sleep for my 8 weeks old. By implementing a routine early on, and specific settling techniques, my little girl now sleeps 12 hours overnight and 2 solid naps during the day. Happy baby, happy mummy!

Clorinda and Jayden

I would like to thank you for all of your help with our 7 month old. He has gone from screaming the house down every time I put him down for a nap, and waking every 2 hrs overnight; to sleeping 12 hours overnight, and no longer resisting his day naps.

We now follow your routine during the day and he is just perfect at night! You have seriously changed our lives and he is such a happy baby now!

Danielle and Maisie

“Sophie saved us!”

My daughter was a relatively good sleeper at the beginning but then we hit the 4 month sleep regression! Because I hadn’t needed to equip myself with many settling techniques in the first 4 months I was at a complete loss. Sophie was supportive, attentive, listened to all my concerns, and provided me with fantastic guidance to settle my little girl. She was even a shoulder to cry on at times.

Within a week my daughter was back to sleeping through the night, has solid sleeps during the day and is generally a happier child as a result. As Sophie says – sleep promotes sleep. This statement is so true! Sophie, I can’t thank you enough for your advice and positive attitude.

From a very happy well rested mummy

Cass and Willow

Sophie was fantastic to deal with in every aspect. She helped my 6 month old go from 20 min catnaps to hour long plus sleeps which happened within a couple of days. She gave me so much advice and reassurance over the two weeks I worked with her and was such a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Sophie to any parent struggling with settling techniques or needing assistance with adjusting sleep patterns/cycles

Rachel, Kurt, and Hudson

A huge thank you to Shae! Our nine-month-old son Hudson was waking every 2-3 hours through the night and was a serial catnapper by day! My husband and I knew we needed some help, so we reached out to Shae and I can certainly say she completely turned things around for us. She helped us to “break” all the bad habits we had created to get through the nights (bottles at 2 am, cosleeping, and rocking to sleep). Within a few days I started to see results with Hudson’s sleeping, he was sleeping 1.5-2hrs for day naps and begun sleeping from bedtime till 6 am again!

I cannot recommend Shae enough, she supported us when we were feeling completely defeated, she always complimented me and told me I was doing an amazing job, and whenever I was unsure or had a question she was always a call away!

Thank you for helping us get our sleep back and helping Hudson get through this period 🙂 xxx

Dallas and Zoe

My daughter was 9 months old and still slept like a newborn. My husband and I were desperate for help to teach her how to become a good sleeper, for the wellbeing of our whole family.

Sophie gave us a plan to implement that was kind and gentle, and would teach our daughter to link her sleep cycles at night and promote longer naps during the day. We started the plan on a weekend for a nap. It was flawless! She napped for 2 straight hours in her crib with no fight – the first time ever in her life that had happened. I feel like I can function again for the first time since she was born, and I have seen such an improvement in her temperament during the day. She is no longer an overly exhausted baby who fights sleep. The plan was customised for my daughter and family and has been the best thing to happen to us!

Gina and Jack

My baby got to six months and all of a sudden started waking up in the night like a newborn baby. He refused to nap during the day and I was exhausted!

Sophie spoke with me over the phone and guided me through a sleep program. I really felt supported and Sophie had lots of great advice. Within 3 nights I had got my life back and a happy baby!

I can’t thank you enough Sophie for your help and support and encouragement!

Kristina and Imogen

I can’t begin to thank you enough for the help and advice I received over the few days it took to get my little girl back into a reasonable routine again. The fact that I had the benefit of doing it all at home with online and phone support I think made a world of difference! Having access to someone who was able to help me apply techniques to settle my little girl and also identify different signs and cues at any time of the day or night was very helpful and reassuring and made the whole experience much more comfortable. Within days I had Imogen back into routine and sleeping soundly through the night. Can’t thank or recommend you enough!

Steph and Josh

I wanted to say thank you again for all your help. When I decided to get some help, I was worried that my concerns were silly, or that I would be told to let Josh cry it out – which I knew I could never do!

We are doing really well now. Josh goes down for all his naps awake, and is generally asleep within five minutes after having a bit of a practice crawl around the cot. The best part about all my hard work putting Josh down awake, is that now Dad can put him down while I am out! Woo Hoo!

Kate and George

I contacted Sophie when my baby George was only 14 weeks as a nervous first time mum obsessing over his sleep. George was a chronic day time catnapper and hard work to get down so I resorted to rocking my bright eyed boy to sleep… and could see a bad habit forming.

From the word go, I loved Sophie’s gentle approach to helping babies (and parents!) get more sleep. I honestly felt like I’d known Sophie for years after our first phone consultation, where she made small adjustments to George’s sleep environment and gave me realistic expectations on self settling. Within a month George’s sleeps started getting longer and he was self settling like a little champion. Like all babies, he still has his off days and when we hit hurdles like teeth or developmental leaps I ride it out and know his sleep will go back to normal in no time… And it does!

A big thanks to the gorgeous Sophie for all her help. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough X

Henni and James

I would just like to say Shae from Sleep Play Love is amazing. She is my life saver. Prior to engaging with Sleep Play Love, my 10-month-old baby would sleep for no more than three hours each stretch, and often wake five times a night (sometimes more)! As a busy mum of two boys, I was starting to go crazy from severe lack of sleep. In comes Shae, and she literally turned my life around.

A mum of three herself, her approach is gentle and calm. She taught me how to listen out for cries, soft settling approaches as well as overall scheduling and food intake advice. From the moment she worked with us, my baby responded extremely well to his new routine. He started having good naps and long stretches of sleep overnight. After his teeth cut through, he immediately settled and slept through the night. I thought we just got lucky, but the next day, it was the same and this is now the norm. My baby sleeps through the night. I have my life and my sanity back. Thanks so much Shae. I highly recommend the team at Sleep Play Love.

Tori, Lenny & Jimmy (Giggle)

“Thank you so much for ur help for so long! It’s been worth every cent and Lenny has grown and developed along with your guidance! I love how gentle and supportive you have been for so long with us! Also, I appreciate that you always listened to my instincts! It means a lot to a mumma who’s is super exhausted but so badly wants to stay strong to her beliefs!!! You were my second hubby when my hubby was not home to troubleshoot ideas off – which was more comforting than you know! Thank you so much Sophie! I highly recommend you to anyone who wants a little guidance or someone to troubleshoot sleep … Xxx”

Kristy and Bodhi

I started working with Shae when my son Bodhi was 6 months old. My husband and I were at our wits end. We were exhausted, completely sleep deprived and with no change in sight. We had several difficulties with him as a Bub including reflux, cow’s milk protein intolerance, and a lip and tongue tie. As a result of him being so unsettled, we would do anything to try to relieve his distress. At the time that I contacted Shae Bodhi would start the night sleeping in his cot, but by anywhere from 10-1am he would end up in bed with us because we couldn’t resettle him in his cot.

From the day Shae came to see us, Bodhi started sleeping all night in his bed. Initially, he required some settling, but this was brief, and he and I were so much more relaxed during the whole process. Within less than 2 weeks he started sleeping through the night! Now he only wakes if he’s teething or has a cold, but is still able to be settled back into his cot.

Shae was so wonderful to work with – I really can’t speak highly enough of her. She is really caring and listened to what I felt comfortable with, and was so encouraging, often checking in later down the track to make sure things were still going well. I have such a happier little man too now, as he’s no longer tired all the time. We are grateful to have found Shae and would definitely seek her support for baby number two if we had challenges again.

Jodie and Koah

Thank you Shae for the work you did in helping me get Koah back into a routine and back to sleeping in his own bed… and not waking up at 5 am every morning!

It only took a few days of implementing the simple tricks and tips we discussed to get him back into his routine again after a set back from commencing child care once per week.

It was so good also just to chat to someone who understands exactly what I was going through and was able to give me a variety of tools and simple changes to make that have made a world of difference to his routine! I’m so happy with the results and will continue with the changes so that we can all get some sleep at night, and as a bonus, I now also have the tools to use with my nine-month old too should I need them! Thank you again, your help has been amazing!!

Louise and Lila

Sophie and Shae really took the time to listen to our issues. Following their advice, we made a few minor adjustments which saw Lila go from waking 3-4 times a night to sleeping through until 6 am. A total life changer! Thanks so much for your time and support lovely ladies, we really are grateful.

Eliana and Oliver

I just wanted to thank Shae for supporting my son, Oliver and me over the past few months with his sleep! Oliver was a cat napper during the day and this, in turn, was affecting his night sleep. Shae helped us get into a routine and his naps have become much longer. Now, he is sleeping much better at night as well. Shae’s gentle approach and kind nature made me feel at ease. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Sleep, Play, Love and would highly recommend them.

Carly and Lucy

When we came to Sophie, my husband and I were beyond exhausted with frequent night wakings, 2 hourly feeds (or less) day and night, chronic cat napping, co sleeping, day time naps occurred in our arms after long periods of rock/pat/nursing to sleep and our anxiety surrounding this ‘song and dance’ was through the roof. With Sophie’s gentle methods and kind support we now have a reflux/colicky baby who sleeps well, in the cot and in the nursery, feeds 3.5-4 hourly day and night, hubby is confident to put to sleep, I feel ‘free’ because that does not rest solely with me and you have eased the strain on our marriage and have given us the gift of sleep. We now have the confidence going forward to adjust her routine as she grows and her needs change and its all thanks to you. I cannot express my gratitude and I am so thankful that we had the good sense to reach out for help. I can only hope that others have the courage to do the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sophie Acott

Sophie Acott is an expert in baby sleep and founder of Sleep Play Love. As a mother of four young children, Sophie can identify with the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation on all aspects of parenthood (and life), and for this reason is extremely passionate about supporting families to overcome their own unique sleep and parenting challenges.  As a certified sleep consultant, and having trained as an instructor with Hand in Hand Parenting, Sophie has helped hundreds of families over the world reclaim better sleep, whilst nurturing a deeper bond with their children through her cutting-edge methods, and high-level mentoring.


“Prior to contacting Sophie, we were at our wits end, and overwhelmed with the abundant and conflicting advice on baby sleep from the internet. We tried various settling techniques and sleep training for months without success, which was stressful and left us feeling defeated. We needed help from someone who shared our parenting philosophy and who is compassionate, loving, and gentle with their approach to sleep. Sophie was the answer to our prayers. She guided us through strategies to help with our son’s routine, and all the challenges we were facing with catnapping and frequent night waking. We couldn’t be happier as we are all now sleeping better, and have a perfectly happy baby boy. Thank you so very much Sophie for your support and guiding us through this, you really are a miracle worker” – Henni & Jackson