Transitioning from one nap to none

The process of dropping naps can be an exhausting, frustrating and lengthy one for some parents – taking anywhere between a few weeks to a month (or more). Variables will include your child’s age, activity levels, developmental stage and temperament (among others). It is not uncommon at these times to experience sleep regression such as; bedtime resistance, increased night waking and early rising as a…

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Dealing with Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety peaks between 10 to 18 months and usually subsides around two to three years of age. However, some children can show signs of this as early as six months when they begin to develop object permanence. Children of all ages thrive on love and connection. When this connection is temporarily lost (e.g. a parent leaves the family home for work or travel, the…

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Confessions of a Sleep Consultant; The Jett Diaries – Ten (and Eleven) Months

After 11 long months, the dust has finally settled. We have achieved what I refer to as 80/20, or the best chance of balance you will find when it comes to baby sleep. As I recently blogged about, there are soooo many variables to baby sleep; a thousand (or more) reasons why they won’t sleep as well as we expect they will. Perhaps partly (or…

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Baby won’t sleep? Here’s 30 reasons why…

Sleep is the among the most talked about, and contentious of topics for mums to be, new parents, and even the most experienced of parents. What most of us have in common, is that we are not getting enough, we worry that our children are not getting enough, and lack of sleep can often lead to an unhappy family unit, post natal depression, anxiety, and a host of…

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Confessions of a Sleep Consultant: The Jett Diaries; Nine Months

Well, 9 months; more swings and roundabouts… Jett is standing (assisted), crawling upstairs, laughing, dancing, clapping, kissing, mimicking simple movements and noises, and very generously shares his food with others (by attempting to feed them). By day (even despite cutting his fifth and sixth tooth simultaneously), he is the most delightful, easy-going, angelic, delicious, happy, squishy, placid, confident, and independent baby I have ever encountered….

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Confessions of a Sleep Consultant: The Jett Diaries; Eight Months

Things here have been pretty tough over the last month (or more). And I don’t just mean dealing with the normal sleep regression in the clutches of the (typical groundhog-day) colds, teething, milestones, growth spurts, and leaps. I’m not talking about the “bad habits” you can overlook because “they’re only little for so long”. This is confessions of a sleep consultant; and if I wasn’t (a sleep consultant),…

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Gentle Sleep Training / Sleep Improvement Strategies: What, When, and How…

There is a plethora of sleep training methodologies and advice available at our fingertips; so much so, that the decision of which one is right for you and your family can be overwhelming. Which one is best suited to your parenting style? your time commitments? your child’s temperament? or the most effective solution for the particular sleep difficulty you are experiencing? There is no such thing as a “no…

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Confessions of a Sleep Consultant: The Jett Diaries; Seven Months

It has been a pretty intense month. More teething, more colds, more milestones. Considering we are currently in a ‘sunny’ patch with respect to the wonder weeks, then I can only assume that my bad habits, hectic lifestyle, teething pains, and the frustration of trying to crawl, is to blame for our current state of sleep regression. At times it can feel as though it is…

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Hump Day Q&A – Transitioning from rocking, feeding, patting or holding to sleep to self settling

This week’s question comes from Lauren who asks:  “I have a 9 month old (8 months corrected) who still needs to be held/rocked or fed to sleep. Any ideas or tips on how to gently transition him to self settling? ”

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Hump Day Q&A – Catnapping

This week’s question is from Sam, who asks: “Is it normal for an 8 week old to sleep only short naps throughout the day? Around 30-1 hour?”
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