Albeit not as popular as standard synthetic mattresses, people are becoming increasingly aware of organic mattresses as a health-conscious, comfortable and eco-friendly way to get an amazing night’s sleep. So, toss aside your memory foam mattress, and have a look at why switching to an organic mattress should be your next home investment. The team at The Sleep Judge have created a great infographic to showcase the differences in organic mattresses over synthetic ones.


What is an organic mattress?

Organic mattresses are quite simple in terms of their description – they are mattresses that are made with organic and natural materials, such as organic wool and cotton. They can be a little more expensive than standard mattresses, but they tend to be more comfortable and are much better for the environment.


Why are they popular?

Organic mattresses are becoming more popular, especially as more people are looking for eco-friendly products. The fact that they are made with natural materials, means they don’t have any chemicals or pesticides in the material – which is better for your health and well-being.
They also tend to be a lot more comfortable and durable than standard mattresses. A standard mattress may last between five and ten years, but an organic one is able to last up to twice as long. So, while the initial investment may be a little higher, going organic is far more economical in the long-term.


Why use an organic mattress?

#1 Eco-friendly

One of the best features of an organic mattress is the fact that they are incredibly eco-friendly. The materials that are used in its construction are sustainable, biodegradable, and do not have a negative impact on the environment. So, even when you are done with it and need to dispose of it, it will break down naturally without causing harm.

#2 No chemicals

All of the products that are used in the making of an organic mattress are free from chemicals and pesticide residue – something that you don’t often find. It’s better for your health, and you can sleep easy knowing that your skin won’t be absorbing chemicals and pesticides. Plus, they still have fire barriers in place, but these are non-toxic, which is also better for your health.
#3 Comfortable
Organic mattresses are undoubtedly some of the most comfortable you will find. For those that say memory foam is the best, they haven’t tried an organic mattress yet! If you are seeking a restful and comfortable sleep, then organic is the way to go.

#4 Customizable

Most of the time, you will be able to customize your mattress as well, helping it to better suit your individual needs. This makes it a more versatile mattress than most others on the market. Plus, they can be further customized to be hypoallergenic, which is perfect for those who find themselves reacting to common standard mattress ingredients like latex.

#5 Reduced Carbon Footprint

Of course, you also have the benefit of a reduced carbon footprint. Due to the fact that organic mattresses have a much more eco-friendlier manufacturing process, you can rest assured that by purchasing one you are contributing to a process (and product) that cares about the environment. So, your carbon footprint is reduced and so is the manufacturers.

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