Toddler resisting bedtime? here’s why, and what you can do

May 8, 2015 |

There are many reasons why our toddlers may start resisting naps and bedtime. From experience, if this is a gradual change (over a few days or more), then usually this can be attributed to routine (call for a change in routine,  having been out of routine, or lack of routine), or a behavioural/emotional response to a particular life…

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Emotional Wellbeing and Sleep

May 2, 2015 |

Sleep and emotional well-being are synonymous. If our children are feeling insecure, overwhelmed, misunderstood, or they have been unable to express their feelings freely in the moment by day, it’s almost a guarantee you will see this behaviour ‘play out’ in sleeping difficulties at night: bedtime refusal and/or stalling, screaming, crying, tantrums at bedtime, dependence on mum…

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30 things they don’t tell you about life after kids…

March 25, 2015 |

To say that life changes when you have a baby, is by far the biggest understatement. Having a baby is a huge adjustment from life the we once knew; from spontaneous Sunday sippers, to an endless pit of washing, dirty nappies, and vomit….oh and of course – the most love you’ll ever feel in for life for anyone, or…

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Transitioning from Daylight Savings to AEST

March 18, 2015 |
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Fresh lunchbox ideas for happy, energetic kids

March 17, 2015 |

I’ve been making lunches for my son for just over a year and I can see the difference in his energy at the end of the day with different foods. Fresh foods, balanced ingredients, thoughtful baking the night before, means he’s a happy smiley (chatty!) kid. It’s a big learning experience for me, especially as…

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Sleep tips for your baby 0-3 months

March 17, 2015 |

My very first video! A very brief summary of a few common issues parents experience in the first three months: 1. Catnapping 2. Day and night confusion 3. Requiring a lot of intervention from mum/dad to get to sleep and/or stay asleep And a few things we can do to: 1. Keep to an appropriate awake…

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Daylight Savings – Moving the clocks back to AEST 2016

March 16, 2015 |

It’ s almost that time of year… the clocks move back; the days get shorter, cooler and darker. Here are a few pointers for preparing for the moving the clocks from Daylight Savings (AEDT) back to Standard Time (AEST): General Tips: Keep your regular day and night routine Maintain positive sleep associations Remember consistency is key Avoid any…

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Introducing the bottle

March 15, 2015 |

Whether you wish to introduce a bottle to give mom some flexibility (or a much-needed break); or decide to introduce formula feeds, the following suggestions may help you make a smooth transition. To continue breastfeeding: Wait until your baby is at least one month old and breastfeeding has been well-established – to avoid nipple confusion.…

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What you can REALLY expect: babies and sleep in the first year

March 13, 2015 |

Pre-kids, I had no idea of the magnitude that sleep (or the lack thereof) would impact my life. There is a plethora of information at our fingertips, telling us when our baby should be sleeping through the night; and if we don’t meet these expectations, then we somehow feel like a failure of a parent – or something must be wrong…

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30 ways you know you are a mother…

March 9, 2015 |

To say life changes when you have kids is an understatement; in fact I can’t even remember life without mine.. and it was only 3.5 years ago! The other day I was in the kitchen making the kids dinner, when I caught myself engrossed in an animated rendition of the ‘Fireman Sam’ theme song. It got me thinking…

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